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Founded in October 2014, iRecadata was committed to Research& Development on Solid State Drive (SSD) in the beginning. As digital products and Internet grows, more and more individuals, families and companies need larger storage device. The traditional hard drive and USB flash driver had many disadvantages, the data safety and speed unable to meet the requirement of the storage now, but External SSD will overcome these disadvantages. External SSD will be the new wave to replace the USB flash driver and HDD in external storage market.

iRecadata Relied on the SSD resource advantage and storage factory production experience in SSD market, developing the first generation USB 3.0 interface in External SSD. In appearance, performance, stability and durable of iRecadata external SSD, the product is the most cost-effective product in external hard drive market. Meanwhile iRecadata had started the developed wireless external storage that will release soon.

The company will use technical expertise and our product advantage to make our partnership constantly growing with us. Use the idea of innovation, quality and best service to make the customer get the best experience.

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